Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ryder is coming home! Well, actually, I am going to get him and bring him home. Mom, Dad, Joyce and I left Boise friday April 16th at 5:00am. We drove clear straight through the night. Joyce suprised Mom and I by having us start doing Letterboxing. The way this works is people hide a box with a stamp and a log book in it and give you directions on how to find it. When you find it you put your own customized stamp that you take with you in their log book and stamp your own book with the stamp they left in the box. This is like a mini treasure hunt and has turned out to be pretty fun.

The first ones we did were just outside Evanstan Wyoming at Bear River State Park. The first box was hidden really well. It was buried in the leaves and debris under an overhanging rock. The other was under some debris near a tree. This last one had a bonus stamp hidden in a knot hole in the tree.

We found several in Land of the Lakes and even picked up what is known as a hitch hiker from the last one. The hitch hiker is now in the car waiting to land at its new destination.

We have seen a lot of beautiful country and are really enjoying our time together. We do not want to drive straight through another night however. We are currently at a condo in Fairfield Glen Tennessee and will see some of the state parks in the area while we are here.

Some of the other things we have seen on the way are Adam-ondi-Ahman, Far West, Independence Visitor Center, and a Nature park in Kansas City.

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